Five Aviation Careers To Take You Beyond The Airlines

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Your idea of a pilot is probably that guy in the funny hat who stands next to the flight attendant as you exit a passenger flight. You might be surprised to hear that airline pilots make up just a very small percentage of people who have built lives in aviation. Learning to fly a plane is a great skill that can add a lot to your personal and professional life. Here are some great paths you can take when you pursue aviation education. 

Medical Transport

Do you have an interest in the medical field and think you would enjoy an exciting career that allows you to save lives? Consider a job in medical transport. 

Medical pilots fly into places like heavy traffic where an ambulance may not be able to go and carry injured people to hospitals. 

Agricultural Pilot

The big city isn't the only place you will find pilots hard at work. Large farms often use airplanes to fertilize, water or spray insecticide on crops. 

These pilots are sometimes called crop dusters and often have to be trained to work with dangerous chemicals. 

Bush Pilot

If you enjoy the wilderness, consider finding work as a bush pilot. These aviators land in far away places high in the mountains, deep in the desert or even in the middle of an island. They are usually carrying food and supplies for people who are living in these off-the-grid locations. They may also be part of a team bringing equipment to aid workers in remote areas. 

Tour Guide

Some lucky pilots have a steady job flying over some of the most beautiful places in the world. Tourists have discovered that the sky offers a unique view of traditional tourist locations, and some of the most breathtaking scenery is best seen from the clouds. 

Pilots who offer tours are typically experts in their chosen location and may actually lead the tours themselves. Others simply fly the plane and leave the commentary to someone else. Whichever role you choose, you will be spending your days in places other people will pay to see. 

Animal Rescue Pilot

Aviators with a heart for animals can become rescue pilots, saving all types of animals who are injured or in danger. Rescue planes may fly beached whales to safety, bring animals to medical attention and even transport homeless dogs and cats to their new homes. 

There are all kinds of ways to use an aviation education. With so many choices, there will certainly be one that is the right choice for you. For information on aviation college, check out websites like


20 April 2016

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