A Few Myths About Choosing A Private School For Your Child


Choosing an appropriate school for your child is easily one of the most important decisions that you can make as a parent. The quality of your child's educations along with their overall experience with the school can have profound impacts on their intellectual development. Therefore, it is important to understand a few of the truths concerning common private school myths.

Myth: Private Schools May Provide Lower Quality Educations To Students

One of the more prevalent notions concerning private schools is that they are likely to provide low-quality educations to students. However, many private schools are able to provide superior levels of education due to the fact that these institutions will often have much lower student to teacher ratios, higher resources and more freedom in crafting lessons and programs. As a result, students at private schools will often be better positioned to get the individual attention that they need to fully maximize their intellectual and social development.

Myth: A Private School Will Be Too Expensive For Middle Class Parents

The costs of enrolling a student into a private school can be rather intimidating to those that are considering their options. While it is true that a private school will represent a major investment for most families, there are many programs available to help parents afford the tuition for these institutions. In particular, it is common for private schools to have tuition assistance plans for parents that may experience difficulty paying the full price of tuition, scholarships for gifted students as well as flexible payment plans. Evaluating the financial aid options that are available at each school will help you to ensure you choose a high-quality institution that your family can afford.

Myth: Students Must Be Of The Particular Faith To Attend Religious Private Schools

Many private schools are religious in nature, and this can lead to some parents failing to consider these options due to the assumption that their child would have to convert faiths to attend. Yet, religious schools will accept students of any faith, but they may be required to attend religious functions and instruction. While you may be uncomfortable with the thought of your child being exposed to other religious values, this can actually represent a wonderful teaching opportunity for your child. It will help you to reinforce your child's ability to retain their sense of identity regardless of the values of those around them. This foundation can help your child with resisting peer pressure in the future as well as retaining their sense identity and values when confronted with morally difficult choices.


30 May 2017

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