A Few Options For Becoming A Dental Assistant

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To keep things flowing in a dental office there needs to be a good dental assistant. This person works with the dentist, handing him or her the appropriate instruments needed, gathering the specimens for lab work, taking X-rays, handling patient relations, and doing some administrative work. Depending on the state you live in, there are different education requirements for becoming a dental assistant. It is important that you contact a dentist or the state dental board to be sure you understand what you need to do. You can then choose one of the following options to get started on your new career.

On-the-job Training

Some states allow high-school graduates to work with a licensed dentist as an assistant with no previous training. The dentist agrees to teach you the proper way to work with the patients and the tools. You will learn to do things like make a mold of a patient's teeth for crowns and dentures and such, perform other procedures the dentist feels you can do, and to assist on those you cannot do alone. Of course, you may have problems getting work with a different dentist if you ever need to, but you should have a job for as long as you are willing to stay with your trainer.

Diploma or Certificate

There are many technical schools where you can train to become a dental assistant. The schooling can take anywhere from nine months to a year. If you choose this option, you need to be sure that the school is properly accredited with the state. This might be something you wish to do as you are training with a dentist as it will help you in your current job. It also provides you with the opportunity to work with a different dentist if you should have to move to a different city or if the practice changes in a way you do not wish to go.

Associate Degree

Many community colleges offer an Associate Degree in Dental Assisting. This program can be completed in as little as two years. As long as the college is an accredited institution of higher education in your state you will not have to worry about it being legitimate. You will not only learn the things you need for working in a dental office, but will be required to take other college courses as well. All your work can then be applied to a higher degree if you should decide to continue your education.

If you are thinking about a career in the dental field, a good option to get your feet wet and decide what you want to do is to become a dental assistant first. This way, you can earn money while learning what will be involved if you should decide to go further but won't have too much time and money invested if you decide it is not for you. Contact a school, like New Mexico Institute of Dental Assisting, to get started.


14 August 2017

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